What if you were a very hungry stupid zombie?

Would you need help eating humans?

Help your zombies in 60 challenging scenarios, you will have to use your intelligence to solve each of the scenarios using the 5 types of zombies available.

Help your stupid zombies!

You can even create your own team of zombies!

◈ 60 challenging levels
◈ 5 types of zombie with their respective characteristics
◈ 3 game modes
◈ Personalized equipment at each level

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Credits on itch.io:

Anokolisa https://anokolisa.itch.io/
Pixel Frog https://pixel-frog.itch.io/
Superdark https://superdark.itch.io/
ansimuz https://ansimuz.itch.io/
creapracticus https://creapracticus.itch.io/
Magic_Spark https://magic-spark.itch.io/
void1 https://void1gaming.itch.io/
Kalann https://kalann.itch.io/
hugues laborde https://hugues-laborde.itch.io/
Estúdio Vaca Roxa https://bakudas.itch.io/

GenrePuzzle, Strategy
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Zombies

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loved it! I have a few questions: why does it have another name in Google Play? Help Zombies is a best name, I guess. Why does it have only 50+ downloads? This game is amazing 

Thx u! the reason is that the word "zombie" has a lot of competition, ASO is very dificut :(

very great game i definitely recommend it. its challenging and also fun.

Thanks man, I appreciate it very much

Very fun and polished!

Nice game! But I cannot find it on the google play store. Is there an issue? I really wanted to play it on my phone :(

I have problems with play store :( u can find the game in huawei app gallery and amazon app store :D

Man! It's addictive! XD Almost can't stop playing

Thank you!

i like it, really enjoyable.

Thank you!

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Really thanks for u game play video! :)